Captive Clean

Rest easy knowing you and your pillow are protected, and paying it forward with the purchase of your cover.

The Captive Clean Mission...

Protect your Family

With the unexpected accidents of a child, protecting you and your family's bedding can be a huge time saver.

Simply wipe down your captive cover, and head back to sleep or play.

Travel with Ease

Whether planes, trains, or automobiles - you can travel and adventure with your favorite pillow knowing that any germs, dirt, moisture, et al will not affect your beloved pillow.

Unbounding the Pillow

Whether heading to the beach for a day of lounging, or heading to the hospital for a routine procedure, you can take your most comfortable pillow for relaxation knowing that with a single wipe, all sand and germs are gone.

I purchased these for my rental cottages to reduce clean time and pillow replacement. They have exceeded my expectations to streamline and reduce wash time.

Katie D, CMCC

I bought this pillow cover to protect my pillow from night sweats. I have not had to wash nor replace my pillow, which I was doing monthly.

Edwin R

I bought covers for my airB&B rental and it assures cleanliness and germ protection for my customers.

Frank S